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Main products:Common Rrail Valve,high quality level.
Added Time:[2017-5-23 9:39:11]
As the specialist manufacturer of Common rail valves,the ideal aftermarket parts for the OEM,along with the high quality level,competitive price,which has been providing to our customers and all the quality assured and aproved by our customers,they performance well for years.We are seeking for the chance to work with you about this products. 
Currently we provide the conventional items,if need other items,you can send me the part number:
1 F00VC01359 14 F00RJ02035
27 F00RJ01352
2 F00RJ00339 15 F00VC01358 28 F00RJ01466
3 F00RJ01479 16 F00RJ02056 29 F00VC01346
4 F00RJ01692 17 F00RJ02806 30 F00VC01365
5 F00RJ01941 18 F00VC01371 31 F00VC01044
6 F00RJ01704 19 F00RJ00399 32 F00VC01033
7 F00RJ02005 20 F00VC01383 33 F00RJ01159
8 F00RJ02130 21 F00RJ02472 34 F00RJ00375
9 F00RJ01005 22 F00RJ01218 35 F00RJ02067
10 F00RJ00005 23 F00RJ01451 36 F00VC01023
11 F00RJ01657 24 F00RJ02175 37 F00VC01034
12 F00RJ01727 25 F00RJ02213 38 F00VC01022
13 F00VC01363 26 F00VC01051 39 F00VC01023
Special items for the big vehicals:
F00RJ02004 F00RJ01329 F00RJ01714
F00RJ01747 F00RJ01819 F00RJ02012
F00RJ02377 F00RJ02449 F00RJ02429
Products Information:
Name:bosch common rail valve
Packing way:1pc per box
packing:Neutral packings.
Warranty:180days from the delivery date
Contacts @ George Chen 
Business Manager
for MinXian-Machinery