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Nozzle Tester

Product Description:

      PQ400 Nozzle Tester
Type Function Feature/Data
PQ400 Nozzle Tester This nozzle tester applies to test and to calibrate diesel double springs injectors etc. 1.Internal pressure meter
2.Air supply meter
3. Air supply throttle: If the throller whirls in clockwise, quantity of input air is less, oil of input is less. Inverse, the oil of input will increase.
4. Governor valve: if governor valve circumgyrate to the bottom, rate of oil pressure and air pressure is 100:1, For example, if air pressure is 7 kg, oil pressure is 700kg.
5. Air switch valve: if the air switch valve is pulled, then the air valve opens, if the air switch valve is pushed, the air valve Close.

      PS-400A type Nozzle Tester
Type Function Feature/Data
PS-400A type Nozzle Tester Initiative injecting press of injector; Sound of needle valve vibration; Sealing function of needle valve and nozzle body; spraying shape. 1.Highest pressure 300kg/ cm2
2.Volume of fuel box 400cc
3.Dimentions 190*110*390mm3
4.Weight 5.5kg

      PJ-40 Nozzle tester
Type Function Feature/Data
PJ-40 Nozzle tester Calibrating and testing fuel opening pressure, atomization, fuel angle and confined of needle. 1.max pressure 40MPa
2.size of outside 320×300×500 weight 30kg
4.pressure gauge range 0-60MPa

    Tester S60H:it Is used to adjust and calibrate the injection nozzle opening pressure and to carry out leakage, spray pattern and chatter characteristic tests. 
For nozzle size R, S and T
In basic design with 0-40 Mpa (0-400 bar) pressure gauge. 
In conjunction with a specially ordered pressure gauge, this tester can also be used for testing light crude
oil injection valves.

      * Above main specs for your reference. For more info or customized types canbe consulted. 
       * If you have any special demand for the Nozzle Tester,please give us your request in details.