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Delphi Control Valve

Product Description:

Delphi Control Valve Common Rail Injector Appilication
Part number: 9308-621C / 9308-622B
R00101Z   R00601D    R02201Z   R03801D
R00201Z   R00701D    R02301Z   R03902D
R00202Z   R00801D    R02401Z   R04001D
R00301Z   R00901Z    R02501Z   R04101D
R00402Z   R01001D    R02601Z   R04301D
R00403Z   R01401Z    R02701Z 
R00501Z   R01601Z    R02801D   R05201D
R00502Z   R01701Z    R02901D   R05701D
R00503Z   R01901Z    R03101D
R00504Z   R02101Z    R03401D
We also supply the control valve parts number: 9308-622B and 9308-618C.